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Types of Slots

It's no secret that slot machines are among the most popular form of gambling in the world. Usually these gambling machines represent about 70% of any casinos income and are also the most widely spread games on the floor. Though, there are some exceptions at casinos that are dedicated to table games or for example, poker.

We're not here to talk about casino types or how much space slot machines take up. What we are about to do is look at various types of slot games that are currently offered in the industry. Even though we are mostly relating all our articles towards the online gambling industry, types of slot machines will also be quite accurate towards land based casinos and their offerings.

Number Of Reels

Probably the most obvious difference between slots - the number of reels featured by any particular slot machine. Two of the most popular concepts here are either 3 or 5 reels. The first concept, three reels, is popular among basic slot machines, also known as classic slots or fruit machines.

3Reels Slot Machine

These have gotten their name from the symbols featured on them - usually fruit. They are the foundation of these gambling machines and do not really stand out with any exceptional features apart from rewarding players for winning pay-lines and having up to 3 of those lines.

Five reel slots, on the other hand, are considered to be more modern games with a handful of pay-lines and diversified range of themes covered. These seem to be more popular and that's due to them usually being more functional and entertaining, compared to the rather boring 3 reel machines.

5 Reels Online Slots

Though there's more to 5 reel machines that just an improved amount of pay-lines or more symbols spinning. These games also offer additional features that are usually exclusive to either 5 reel or less commonly known, 4 reel machines. We will take a look at these later on in this article.


This is kind of a tough topic according to whom we can try and sort slot machine games. Though, the big category here is 3d slots so a slot machine is either featuring 3d graphics or it is not. In today's environment and with the technology advancement, more and more developers and manufacturers of gambling machines are making ones of exactly this kind.

Of course, the experience provided by these is really second to none - it's not comparable to one offered by 3 or 5 reel games. Everything seems more realistic and you actually feel as a part of the game.

Bonus Slots

I'm not sure whether many players actually use bonus slots when referring to this slot machine game type, but I know that I do. Bonus slots are gambling machines with a built in bonus round feature that is usually made for entertainment purposes, but also rewards the player with additional cash prizes. Bonus rounds are usually triggered either when a combination of some special symbols appear on the reels or alternatively, on a random basis.

I personally prefer bonus slots a lot, since there's an added incentive and additional excitement for fulfilling the requirement that would trigger a bonus game.

Slots with free spins feature

Free spins are among my favorite features in slot games, as they offer a chance to win a whole lot of money with risking exactly nothing. Who wouldn't like that after all? These can be triggered randomly or whenever a specific set of symbols appear on the reels. They can also be a part of a bonus game, which awards players with free spins instead of cash prizes.

Right after spins are awarded, slot machine is usually entering a different mode and you'll be asked to press a button in order to start the spins. Some machines will offer you an additional multiplier on all your wins during these rounds. Usually there's also an additional chance to re-trigger these spins in a similar fashion they have been triggered in the first place.

Slots With Special Wilds

Wild symbols are the most valuable ones in any slot machine and usually substitute for most other symbols featured in the game. Though, this concept has gotten even more advanced as of late, with two special types of wild symbols - expanding wilds and walking ones.

Expanding symbols will expand to both sides and cover the whole reel and turns it into a substituting symbol. Walking wild, on the other hand, covers space of a single symbol, but every time a new spin is made, it moves one space to the left until it has gone out of the reels.

Jackpot Slots

There's something very appealing to most gamblers and slot punters - winning a lot of money. How much is a lot? Well, a life changing amount to pretty much anyone in the world is a couple of million and that's exactly what many jackpot slot machines have on the offer. You can become an instant multi-millionaire overnight with an investment as little as a couple of pennies.

A young man from Norway proved that sometimes you can become a millionaire without even investing a dime. In January of 2013 he used an offer of free spins that was sent to his e-mail by Betsson on Mega Fortune Jackpot Slot. Guess what, he won the worlds largest progressive payout - $20 million. He's not the only winner and there are several similar stories alike!

Mobile Slots

This isn't really a specific slot type, but rather a different variation for most games. Again thanks to advancement in the tech field, most gambling machines can be played on portable devices, such as tablets and mobile phones.

What's great about these is that you can play them while on the go and anywhere with an internet connection available, be it WIFI or your mobile data. Turn the game on for automatic spins and you don't even have to follow it - simply check from time to time whether you've won!

That's about it in terms of various slot machine games that are available in the industry. I hope that this article will be a useful guide and an introduction to the slots world for most of you.







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