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History Of Casinos

Online Casino History

Gambling seems to be an activity that started to gather popularity as early, as in 1700, when people in ancient Rome made various wagers and bets on the outcome of particular events. Though, at the time, it was not a business of any kind, but just a way to have some fun.

Though, seems like gambling was out there even earlier then in 1700, as people in the United States were playing lottery games as early as in 1600. Though, they weren’t particularly popular at the time and gambling really took off around 1800, when gambling establishments were actually being regulated by the state, in order to earn money, just like it is nowadays.

Rise of Online Casinos

Online Casino Roulette GameWhile it seems that dinosaurs might be still running around, when the first wagers were made, online casinos were developed much, much later. Of course, they might have been developed earlier, but the internet became widely available in mid 90’s, which is also exactly when the first online casinos started operating.

Offshore and tax free heaven, Antigua & Barbuda were the first licensing entity of online gambling. This all happened back in 1994 after this territory processed a ‘’Free Trade & Processing Act’’, which allowed and granted licenses to online casino sites and opening of theirs.

None other than MicroGaming, a software giant that still holds a large market share today, was in charge of opening the first online casino back in 1994. With help from another crew of gambling veterans, Cryptologic, the first casino, which is believed to be Gaming Club, was born.

One by one, 15 online casino websites were established in 1997, while in 1998 this number blew up along with the whole industry. Until the end of 1998, gambling revenues exceeded 800 million and over 200 casino gambling sites were operating.


Online gambling market was growing at an unbelievable rate and it didn’t seem like it would stop anytime soon. One of the most popular markets were United States of America, the government of whom saw billions in potential tax revenue going to offshore operators. It was quite clear that something had to be done and that’s exactly how Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act (UIGEA) was implemented and applied into the system.

What UIGEA did wasn’t banning or making it illegal for players to gamble online. They actually took a smarter approach and made it illegal for banks and money related service providers to process gambling related transactions. This meant that players simply had no way to deposit or withdraw money to and from the online gambling sites.

Of course, as it always happens in multi billion dollar industries, loopholes were found and some casinos & gambling sites kept operating within the United States. Though, compared to what the industry were when it was legal, US market could almost be considered as dead.

Legalization In Other Countries

Many countries followed the US and started to work on legalizing or, alternatively, banning online gambling. Most advanced countries did legalize it, though, simply because there was so much revenue potential judging from the US situation, even if it would be banned, people still find loopholes.

France, Italy and Spain were next to follow and signed legal online gambling bills into their laws. Though these made a lot more sense than the UIGEA. All three countries required gambling companies to purchase a license if they wanted to operate in their markets as well as share revenues with the government. This was clearly a win/win situation, as it allowed casinos to heavily advertise themselves via a variety of marketing channels. Before they were limited to ads on social networks and e-mailing their clients.

Current State of the Industry

With most markets being legalized already or seeing a new legal gambling bill introduced, it seems like gambling will be an evergreen niche. Online gambling is about to become legal all over New Jersey and it already is legal in Las Vegas and the whole state of Nevada. We are certainly excited to see what it brings to our side, one way or another.

Live Dealer Games

Live Casino GamesA while after 2000, an unknown company to this day, introduced players to live dealer gaming. The concept was simple – a real casino feel while still being able to enjoy resting in your favorite chair at home. Of course, it instantly became a big hit and several companies were founded in hopes of grabbing this market to themselves, including Evolution Gaming in 2004, which seems to be the niche leading company up to this day.

Game offerings that were dealt by live dealers and streamed in real time to your computer include the most popular table games – roulette, blackjack, baccarat and casino hold’em. With technologies advancing more and more, so did the casinos and now all games are available in a HD stream with no glitches whatsoever.

Mobile Gambling

Mobile Gambling on Online CasinosEven a bigger hit than the previous, live dealer gaming. With mobile phones becoming more and more mainstream, so did playing various games on them. This happened until some of the industry big guns realized just how huge this industry might be – everyone owning a cell phone could be a potential player.

Thus, around 2003 they first mobile casino was introduced. It was really basic at the time, with low quality colors and simplistic animations. As years went by and phones got more advanced, casino sites followed.

Now, in 2013, mobile gambling keeps growing every year and the games offered are pretty much equal to computer ones in terms of quality, speed and overall experience provided. You can play slots, blackjack, baccarat, roulette and even live dealer games on your mobile phone or tablet device.

Seeing how most new mobile devices are developed with touch screens, developers of games have also made their offerings compatible. You’ll be able to use your touch screen for placing wagers, spinning the reels when playing mobile slot machines and throwing chips on the roulette layout. There’s literally no limit to what you can do at mobile casinos. Speaking of these, all leading online casinos have tailored their software to be compatible with most popular phone devices, such as iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerries. The truth is that sky’s the limit, when it comes to mobile gambling.



























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