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About Online Casino Bonuses

Bonus, something that is given to a person while not expected. We all get in touch with bonus offers every day, month or a year. Probably the most popular form of these are "end of the year bonuses", given away by your boss, thus kind of appreciating your performance and work ethic throughout the year.

Bonuses can also be in a form of loyalty programs, such as I run into the other day at the grocery store. What they offered was a loyal client card that would provide me with cash back of up to 5% from all monthly purchases I made. All this money would be placed in my clients card every month and simply given to be spent in that same store. That was certainly a nice bonus for me and nothing I expected from a grocery store.

In online casino world, bonuses are used for the same reason as they are in any other industry or real life - to encourage players for making either their first or consecutive deposit again and again. There are various types of these including offers that actually do not require a deposit, but are designed as a tool of incentive anyway. We'll look at all of these in a bit.

Why Casinos Give Bonuses?

I already discussed the first reason above and that's incentivizing and well, marketing. Bonuses are likely the best marketing tool in the gambling niche. They are like the very next cigarette for a nicotine addict. Even if you have quite for a while, if you took one, chances are you'd become addicted again. It's not like you become addicted to gambling after claiming a bonus, but you certainly start to play more often, once you start to receive various bonus offers to your e-mail or phone number. If they are given away by your favorite casino and are of great volume, you are very likely to deposit money! Thus casinos have fulfilled the task they were going for to begin with.

Another reason why casinos give bonuses is to stand out against the competition and seem unique. The truth is that most online casinos sites offer bonuses and majority of these are quite similar to each other. Though, there happens to be some people or groups of them who constantly think of "out of the box'' ways for rewarding their customers. This is usually not measured in money, but rather some special treatment that most people are either too lazy or unaware of to get themselves.

What Kind Bonus Offers are Out There?

Now this is getting more important, since there are various bonus offers and their types out there. How is this important? Different types of bonuses will provide different value to you as a player. Of course, there's just so much more than just a bonus type to determine how valuable an offer actually is.

What does the value of a casino bonus even relate to? The whole concept is actually somewhat simple. To valuate a bonus offer, you have to calculate exactly how much of the bonus amount you earn for every $1, $10 or $100 staked (for simplicity purposes). Though, there's another important aspect to this - wagering requirements and even more importantly, various games will contribute different percentage to the requirements. This is usually based on the house edge - the large house edge for the game, the higher proportion of the wager counts towards the requirements.

Games like slots will almost always fully count 100% of the wagers made playing them, whilst low house edge games, such as BlackJack might not count at all or only count as 5 to 20% of the total wagers made. This might seem highly unfair, but it's actually quite logical. Why would casinos give bonuses for players who are losing at a very 'thin' rate to begin with. I remember this very same situation a couple of years ago - casinos were offering cashable bonuses for BlackJack, Baccarat and Roulette players all over the world. It was actually possible to gain an edge over the house by using these. I'm guessing I don't have to tell you that all these casinos simply went bust from the overwhelming amount of advantage players. Having that said, I think it's time to take a look at what bonus offers are offered out there. Lets start with the two big categories that drastically change the actual value of the bonus, cashable and non-cashable bonuses.

Cashable Casino Bonuses

Cashable bonuses are widespread offers that you can find at just about any casinos. Most welcome bonuses will be cashable, which might seem amazing. Though, the issue here is that these bonuses are usually tailored to fit slots players and won't do any good to players of most casino table and card games as well as those looking to play just about any other game with a low house edge. Thus, all in all, these bonuses are great for slots and scratch card players, but simply terrible for punters of just about any other game type.

Non Cashable Bonuses

Non-cashable bonuses aren't as mainstream as cashable ones, but they are actually better for players of low house edge games. If you've seen some exclusive bonuses for Roulette, BlackJack or any other casino games featuring quite low house edge, it's very likely that these have been exactly these offers.

So why are they referred to as non-cashable? That's the main catch and also the main disadvantage for these. They CANNOT be withdrawn, as opposed to the first type, cashable, which become available for withdrawing right after fulfilling the requirements.

Many players would follow up and ask what's the point of even having a bonus that you can't withdraw, while it's obvious to others. Non-cashable bonuses are developed to increase your playing bankroll that leads to you being able to either place more wagers or make them higher. If you claim a 300% BlackJack bonus, up to $3,000, you get to start with $4,000 for a $1,000 deposit. Is it really that hard to see the benefits here?

Casino Bonus Types

Lets actually take a look at various bonus types that are out there and that you can claim by simply navigation throughout this website. Some of them are similar to others and dividing them is my subjective opinion and the way I see them.

No deposit Bonuses are what thousands of players seem to be going after. Why? Because it's free casino money with no risk involved for yourself and your own money.

Best No Deposit Online Casino Bonuses:

Lucky Nugget 50 Free Spins No Deposit Bonus GO HERE

Gaming Club 30 Free Spins No Deposit Bonus GO HERE

Simply sign up for these, use the appropriate bonus code and claim the bonus! Though, withdrawing is the catch and usually you should carefully read the small print, pay a lot of attention to these aspects:

  • What games can be played
  • Expiration date
  • Maximum withdrawal
  • Wagering Requirements

    These bonuses seem to enjoy more popularity at US friendly casinos, where they are offered quite constantly. Though, you can also find ROW gambling sites offering them for customers worldwide. The amount of money that is usually given away ranges between $5 to $50, but most of the time is somewhere in the middle.

    Free Spins are very similar to no deposit bonuses, that's exactly why I wanted to follow up with these. I got a nice reminder that these offers are still out there after getting an email with 20 free spins from Guts Casino, as a gift. They offered me to keep all my winnings too!

    That's actually one of the most popular ways of how free spins are offered - offers are sent directly to your email after you've signed up and even deposited. It is a way of retention that most casinos use to give you the taste of playing!

    On the other hand, casino sites like Gaming Club are offering free spins right after registration. You'll get 30 of these after registering an account with them, again - no deposit required!

    Deposit/Welcome Bonuses are ones that every online casino site in the world offers or should offer. While I have never checked offerings of all casinos, I would be quite shocked to see a gambling site without a bonus in 2013 and working in one of the most competitive industries in the world. Welcome bonuses are usually way higher than any other type of offers and can be either cashable or non-cashable (please see above for detailed information on this). It's not uncommon to see a bonus of $5,000 being offered for new, depositing players.

    The golden rule to always remember here is that even though receiving a bonus worth several thousand is great, it's not the most important aspect. Value is all and I'm going to devote the whole paragraph to explain various variables for this.

    Reload bonuses are somewhat similar to the previous, welcome bonus offers, but rather than being offered as a welcome gesture and to attract you to making your first deposit at that particular casino, reload offers are designed to keep you. To keep you playing and depositing that is. They are offered even when you have thousands of dollars in your account, as the main reason for their existence is getting you to deposit more money.

    Wagering Requirements

    Something all casino and any other receivers of bonuses hate, that's being required to fulfill a task in order to receive that bonus. This works in all industries and not only gambling, as no bonuses are given for nothing.

    That's exactly the case with casino bonuses, as they are firstly given to reward the player for making a great decision - depositing money at an online casino! When it's time to withdraw, player must have played the bonus amount through for several times, which is usually described in the terms and conditions of a bonus. The truth is that most players who are bashing casinos for being dishonest are at fault themselves. None cares that you are not able to read and comprehend information, which is completely basic. It's true that some casino sites will hide these terms and conditions and would prefer you NOT to read them, but majority of honest companies will make them accessible...

    Wagering requirements are usually referred to in a single number or a handful of them. It shows the amount you will have to wager playing qualifying games, before bonus or any of your own funds can be withdrawn. So to figure out this amount, simply multiply the bonus amount with the wagering requirement. In some cases, you will have to add deposit amount to the bonus amount and multiply the sum of these. If that's the case, you'll see it mentioned in the terms.

    You might have had noticed that I used a term 'qualifying' games, which was on purpose. The reason for this is that not all casino games will count towards fulfilling the requirements. For information on any particular offer, please do a proper research on terms and conditions. It's very likely that all games will count as qualifying wagers for your bonus, but some will only count as a portion or percentage of total money staked.

    Loyalty Programs

    This will only be a small peak into the world of casino loyalty programs and basically an introduction towards these. Loyalty or VIP programs, as they are also called that, do not differ from reload bonus offers at all. What they do is reward you for continuous play and well, loyalty, hence the title of their.

    There are all kinds of programs in the gambling industry. From really simple ones where you'll earn player points for every 1 credit wagered on gambling and have the ability of exchanging those credits after, to more complicated programs.

    The complicated programs are not necessarily better, but they definitely hold the purpose of giving you an idea exactly like that. You'll see red carpets, complicated VIP levels with prestigious names, such as gold, platinum and titanium VIP player. Though, never forget that the most important aspect is the value or perks you gain from these programs. To look at it in a proper way, you should calculate how much money each program gives you back for $1,000, $10,000 or $100,000 staked and then figure out the best one for


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